Era 1559

Our beautiful things are made in the beautiful city of Udaipur in India. That the city is rich culturally and artistically reflects directly in our products. A lesser known fact is that this royal city was founded in the year 1559.


Who are we?

We are a team of guys who have inherited the regal class of Udaipur from our ancestors. Our craftsmen, our sales and marketing heroes, our photographers, our logistics partners, and everyone else in the Purple Relic family, live, breathe and champion the work that we do. We are sure you will perceive that in our treasured relics and find joy and pride in owning them.


What we do?

We make authentic and desirable lifestyle goods that meet and exceed every standard of living a stylish life. While our superior products are made only with premium materials and quality workmanship, we keep them affordable by eliminating branding expenses altogether.


Why we do what we do?

We love art and we love uniqueness. We have talent and we have passion. So, we craft artful products that are uniquely individual to make every individual unique!