the vase finds a new meaning in Chitra's beautiful house

That vase sitting on our customer’s mantel brought its unique story with it from the craftsman’s workshop. Into its new home and newer characters got their roles in its tale. It was never meant to be a hand crafted 12” round metallic vase, hand painted with traditional Indian motifs using acrylic non-bleeding paints. It was meant to be an actor in Chitra's story.

Every crease has a legend to tell - the places it has been, the seasons it has seen, the love it has received, the owner it has pleased, the forces it has endured and how beautifully it has matured. We are getting poetic! But, when Madhurima asked us for a handcrafted genuine leather duffel bag that was just out of the atelier, we knew she wanted her bag to grow with her.

Hi.. I'm Mumtaz..

My name is Mumtaz. My road to founding Purple Relic has been one that has taken me by surprise! Crawling through engineering colleges and firms, and through the fashion and textiles industries, I discovered that what truly fascinates me is something way different from machines and fads. And, hence, Purple Relic.

My team and I, we love handicrafts and everything vintage.

We hope to continue to bring unique selections to our gallery. Stay tuned!