Flying like a pro on a red-eye flight


No one packs like Jack Reacher. We all know that. If you are normal, you carry more than 5 things even when making a trip to 7-Eleven. And, when red-eyeing from one town to the other? Well, you most certainly will need to take along more than just a toothbrush, ATM card, and passport.

A large part of what you pack is a matter of personal needs, like books, Kindle, comfort blanket, etc. While there are some things that you see every other passenger carrying (neck pillows and sleeping masks), there is some stuff we bet you have never associated with travel (travel cable organizers and posture trainer).

From stuff that makes your ride comfy to those that keep your and your neighbors’ sanity in check, here’s our checklist of top 7 things that you shouldn’t leave home without when flying by night.



Crunched between seats inside a narrow airplane would likely not top anyone’s idea of the best position for a beauty sleep but beauty sleep get you must. Even if you have decided against sleeping on the flight, a neck pillow will come in handy for providing support to your neck so you don’t have to rush off to a chiropractor as soon as you land. The question is which neck pillow is ideal for the job?

Keep your neck supported on flights


Since there are so many mixed reviews about the U-shaped travel pillows, it’s best to check first if it circles around your neck properly. If not, it’s better left on the shelf. Simply look for some other design. Maybe something that isn’t as firm as the U-shaped pillow but a soft pillow that can be twisted, wrapped and bundled around your head and doesn’t thrust your head forward.

If you forget the pillow at home? Well, you can always rest your head on the shoulder of your neighboring fellow passenger. Okay, just kidding! Unless s/he is a relative or friend, of course.



If you are flying budget, good for you. You can nap without the anxiety of being disturbed by flight attendants [spoiler alert: there’s no food and drinks on budget flights]. But, in case you are not (can’t say which option is better), you want to keep that sleep mask inside your pocket and slip it on as soon as you feel the need for some shut-eye.

Talking of sleep masks, have you heard of this wacky invention that holds your head in place by keeping it strapped to your seat so it doesn’t sway from side to side? We have no idea if it works. So, for now we are going to recommend going with a simple silk one or one from your local thrift store. They work.



Tech talk. Now here comes the part we love the most. After all, we make carry products for managing your digital arsenal.

Tech organizers make your life simple and organized
Carry your style, not mess


There’s hardly any traveler these days without a gadget or two. While tech gadgets make our lives easier, it is a challenge to manage them, especially while on the move.

Ever lost your patience while trying to unravel that wiry mess so you can charge your phone? Ever misplaced a SIM card or an ejector pin? You sure have and we know how that feels. So much so, that we made a whole product line around electronics organizers to help you tame your tangly stuff like a pro. So, the next time you have to dig for something in your bag, don’t worry, your hand won’t be hijacked. 



How about some music or movie? Or, some Buddhist chants to help you snooze off?

By the way, which ones do you prefer carrying with you onboard? Over-ear headphones for richer sound quality and comfort? Or, earphones for carrying convenience?

Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that they will deliver more than just sound waves to your ears. Next time you feel discomfort due to a change in cabin air pressure, put them on for some relief. Don’t forget the yawn and swallow routine for extra comfort.



They range from vests and braces to cool gizmo devices that can be worn on your back to constantly remind you like a nagging wife to keep your ever-slouching vertebral column upright. While wearing a support brace or vest might not be a very comfortable thing to do on a plane, a small programmable gadget which can be controlled through an app on your smartphone sounds “straight up” like a wonderful idea. Go ahead, add that to your list of nifty little widgets you can’t live without!



It doesn’t hurt to arrive in style. Just because you were on a red-eye flight for 7 hours doesn’t mean you have to show up haggard.

Grooming kit, anyone?
Grooming kit, anyone?


Yea, ziplock bags will carry your shaver and shampoo but... really? So, it’s not only important what you carry but also how you carry it because it’s a reflection of your personality on yourself and others.



Eyes! They are precious. Screens of computers, smartphones, touchscreen tablets, LED TV, and other digital devices emit significant amounts of high-energy blue light which are harmful for you and could prematurely age your eyes.

Sunlight has blue light but that’s good for health and needed for alertness. The problem with blue light from your screens is the close proximity from which you look at them and the length of time you spend looking at them. An average urban dweller spends close to 7 hours staring at screens.

According to Prevent Blindness, too much exposure to blue light late at night (through smart phones, tablets, and computers) can disturb the wake and sleep cycle, leading to problems sleeping and daytime tiredness.

Blue light from touchscreen tablet is harmful for your eyes especially in the dark


It’s a toxic love affair, isn’t it? Protect your valuable assets from dryness, soreness and tiredness. Invest in protecting your vision and get those filters for your gadgets or eyes.

So, that’s our partly usual and partly unusual list of what to pack on a red-eye flight. What do you pack in your carry-on?

Title Picture Credit: Leonardo Yip on Unsplash