With your summer wear packed away until next year and winter 2019 here, is it possible to upgrade your wardrobe with fashionable accessories without spending too much?

The answer is YES!

And, that with just one style accessory! Presenting the style icon of this season - Winter Pom Pom Beanies! So, are you ready to up your game? 


Pompom Hats: Where did they come from?

The origin of pom-pom hats can be traced back to Scandinavia during the age of the Vikings dating as far back as the 9th century. The pompom was further popularized by various European armies where it was worn as an ornamental part of their headgear. Even Napolean’s soldiers are known to have worm impressive pompoms on their caps. 

Source: Wikipedia - A French Naval Fusilier's shako dating from c. 1830
A French Naval Fusilier's shako dating from c. 1830 (Source: Wikipedia)

From cheerleaders to ladies handbags, and keyrings to winter hats, pom poms indeed make the world go round.

Pom Pom Beanies in Winter 2019

This winter there are several cool beanie hats and trendy styles to choose from for every outfit and look you want to sport. Here’s our list of top winter bobble beanies of 2019 to shoot up your style index:


1. Knitted Soft Fur Pom Pom Beanies

Knitted Soft Fur Pom Pom Beanie
Knitted Soft Fur Pom Pom Beanie 
(Source: Purple Relic)


This style of ski hat, with removable fluffy fur ball at the crown that can be attached or removed from the beanie, tops our list. This durable style of bobble hat with fur pom pom beanie is long enough that the edge can be folded over into a cuff for a perfect head-hugging fit. If there’s a perfect Christmas gift for the one deserving woman in your life, without a doubt, it is this winter pompom beanie.


2. Woven Double Pom Pom Winter Hat Beanies

Double Pom Pom Beanie
Double Pom Pom Beanie (Source: Purple Relic)


Double the glory, double the fun. The double pom pom beanie caps as the name suggests have not just one but two pompoms, one above each ear for double the pleasure. Cuteness index = X2.


3. Cuffed Beanies with Pom Pom

Cuffed Winter Beanies with Pompom
Cuffed Winter Beanies with Soft Fur Pompom (Source: Purple Relic)


For a superb head fit, go for this style. With contrasting colors for inner and outer layers, this type of a beanie bobble hat is a perfect marriage of function and fashion.


4. Dressy Pompom Beanies with Rhinestone

Dressy Rhinestone Winter Beanie with Pom Pom (Source: Purple Relic)


A style statement right out of Milan Fashion Week, the pompom winter beanie hats with glitzy and glittery rhinestones are meant to make you stand out of the crowd. For occasions that demand a slightly more than a casual look, these beanies come in super handy. Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve… Well, you get the idea.


5. Pom Pom Beanies with Patterns

Winter Pom Pom Beanies for Women with Knitted Patterns
Winter Pom Pom Beanies for Women with Knitted Patterns (Source: Purple Relic)


A perfect fit for semi-casual occasions with patterns varying from floral to checkered, these winter beanies gracefully blend utility with comfort.


6. Pom-Pom Beanies with Earflaps and Tassels

Winter Pom Pom Beanies for Women with Ear Flaps
Winter Pom-Pom Beanies for Women with Ear Flaps (Source: Purple Relic Beanies and Hats)


Some days are going to be windy and chilly. That doesn’t mean you cannot step out of the house. Go on and look your glamorous best with this collection of Peruvian beanies with ear flaps and pom-pom tassels (tassles). They will keep you warm and covered!


7. Winter Bomber Hat Beanies with Pom Pom and Earflaps

Winter Bomber Hat Women Pom Pom Beanies
Winter Bomber Hat Women Pompom Beanies (Source: Purple Relic)


A ruggedly sophisticated style like no other, the winter bomber hat beanie with pom pom is for the one who isn’t afraid to draw attention. Pair it with tight slacks, denims or even a dress. All you really need is the I-know-what-I-am-doing attitude to rock it!


8. Loose Knitted Wool Beanies with Pom Pom

Loose Knitted Wool Bobble Beanies
Loose Knitted Wool Bobble Beanies (Source: Purple Relic)


A loose knitted cap beanie topped with a woollen puff ball is basically what this casual pompom winter hat is. Conveying a relaxed and carefree attitude, the sock beanies with pom-pom are wool hats mostly crocheted or knitted. This style of beanie is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wearing as the fit is baggy, making it cosy and comfortable for wearing over a long period of time. It’s simply stylish, comfy and pretty.


9. Beret Hat Pom Pom Beanies

Beret Hat Beanie with Pom Pom
Beret Hat Beanie with Pompom (Source: Purple Relic)

That's one classy fashion accessory! Made from gorgeous and lightweight soft wool with a cute bobble on the crown, the beret hat beanie with pompom is a masterpiece that gives you an elegant lady-like look.



What is a beanie?

A beanie is a head-hugging brimless cap made from materials like cloth, wool and felt. Wool can be either real or faux (synthetic). Real wool ranges in variety from sheep, lamb, cashmere and so on. The most common type of beanie is the knitted beanie winter cap worn for warmth and protection of head and ears during the cold seasons of autumn and winter. Beanies can be knit using needles (hand-knit wool beanies) or crochet (crochet beanie hats) or they can be knitted by machines (most popular and affordable).

What is a pom pom beanie (pompom beanie)?

A pompom beanie is a beanie that is topped off with a decorative fuzz ball or bobble aka pom pom or pom-pom which is made from either fur or wool.

What materials are the pompoms on beanies made from?

Pom poms on beanies is made basically from two types of materials - fur or wool. Fur and wool themselves can be either real or synthetic. Real fur comes from hairs of animals like racoon fur, fox fur, rabbit fur and mink fur while synthetic or faux fur is manmade soft acrylic fur which has the softness, look and feel of real fur. Wool pompoms can be made from real wool or synthetic wool. Beanies can be made with or without lining. For example, beanie hats with fleece lining offer more warmth than their unlined counterpart.

Can men wear beanie hats with pompom?

Yes, there are winter beanies with pompom for men and it's quite fashionable for men to wear beanies. Besides the very decorative kind, most pompom beanies remain unisex. Beanies that are head-hugging and take the form of skullies, skull hats (skull caps), skull slouch hats, sock beanies, ski caps or ski hats are very popular among men.

What are some of the common types of beanie hats for women?

Beanie hats can be plain or have decorative elements. Decorations can be combinations of pom poms, rhinestones, earflaps, etc.

What are some of the popular styles of pom pom beanie winter hats for women?

1. Knitted Soft Fur Pompom Beanies with Removable Pom Pom
2. Double Pom Pom Winter Hat Beanies
3. Cuffed Bobble Women Knit Hat Beanies
4. Dressy Pompom Beanies with Rhinestone
5. Pom Pom Beanies with Patterns
6. Pom-Pom Beanies with Earflaps
7. Winter Bomber Hat Beanies with Pom Pom and Earflaps
8. Knitted Beanies with Pom Pom
9. Beret Hat Pom Pom Beanies
10. Sock Beanies with Pom-Pom
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