Fall is here and there’s no better time than now to capture the beauty of nature! Wondering how to carry your shot kit around while you click the best Instagrammable photos? Well, we have suggestions. Check out our list of 5 top styles of camera bags for women in 2019; it has something for every camera woman, befitting every occasion. Say CHEEEEEEZ!!!


1. Top-Handle Camera Bags for Women

best camera bags for women

It is the style of camera bag that nobody will ever guess is for holding a DSLR camera. It’s a statement piece that doesn’t shout “I’m a camera bag” in your face. Basically, it looks like a top-handle handbag but has padded compartments inside for camera body and lens.

Who is it for?

Great for wedding photographers as it blends with the surroundings. Also, perfect for travelers as it doesn’t scream “I’m carrying expensive camera gear inside”.

Best Camera Bags for Women

The one featured above can fit entry-level digital DSLR camera from Nikon, Canon and Sony with attached lens (18-55mm) and some handy accessories.

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2. Crossbody Camera Bags

Leather Camera Bags

For women looking for a larger camera bag that they can throw over their shoulder or across their body, this is the best style. It offers hands-free comfort. The unisex leather camera bag featured below has multiple pockets and compartments for organization.

Who is it for?

It’s our top choice for Instagram-worthy camera bags made for style influencers.

Best Leather Camera Bags for Women

Works great for hobbyists and photography aficionados in love with nature for whom an entry-level camera and a pair of extra lens are enough to capture their best shots.


3. Tote Camera Bags for Women

Stylish Camera Bags for Women in 2019


These are undoubtedly the most fashionable, multi-use and gorgeous camera bags around. In looks, they are no different from your everyday totes but are more than just your everyday totes.

Who is it for?

Coming in styles like hobo and shopping bags, they are most suitable for those looking to combine fashion with function.

Most Stylish Camera Bags for Women


The tote camera bag featured above has an insulated and padded insert basket. Makes for a perfect gift for nursing mother who also likes to play a photographer from time to time; she will love it for its multi-use as a diaper bag.


4. Briefcase Camera Bags

Unisex Leather Camera Bags

A hugely multipurpose camera bag for both men and women, the best type of briefcase camera bag is the one whose camera case can be detached. The bag can then be used as an office briefcase or work bag to carry your laptop and other office necessities like files, folders, books, iPad, etc.

Who is it for?

For both professionals and hobbyists.

A real estate agent left a review on the above-featured leather camera briefcase that it’s perfect for her large camera, lens and laptop that she can take from house to house for taking photographs and editing them on the on-the-go; furthermore its sophisticated look goes well with her professional image.


5. Backpack Camera Bags

Camera Bags for Women

For those with a heavy arsenal of photography equipment that needs to be lugged around everywhere, this is the most suitable style.

Who is it for?

Those with heavy lenses, tripod and other accessories can consider this style.



What is a camera bag?

A camera bag is a bag made to hold and protect delicate photography equipment like camera, lens, etc.


What is a camera bag for women?

A camera bag for women is designed keeping both fashion and function in mind. An ideal camera bag for women serves multiple purposes. When not in use for carrying photography gear, it serves as a handbag, work bag, shopping bag and even a diaper bag.


What is the most suitable size and style of a camera bag for women?

For women looking to carry a beginner-level digital DSLR camera from Nikon, Canon, Sony or Pentax with an attached lens (example: D3200, Rebel EOS T6i), a medium handbag-sized camera bag should suffice.

For those looking to carry additional lens, flash, charger, batteries, laptop, tablet, etc., a 15-inch briefcase-style camera bag made from sturdy material such as real leather would be most suitable.

For professional photographers with heavy lens and large camera body, tripod and other photography paraphernalia to lug around, a large backpack-style camera bag would be required.


What are the uses of camera bags for women?

Central to the design of camera bags for women is style with function. A design feature of a good women’s camera bag is a detachable cushioned insert (the cushioning is to protect delicate gear), which can be removed when needed to make the bag work as a handbag, shopping bag, office bag and even a diaper bag (if it has insulated padding).


What are the 5 top things to consider in camera bags for women?

1: Size that’s proportionate to camera model and relevant to intended use

2: Style so it doesn’t scream “I’m a camera bag” but at the same time protects your DSLR camera

3: Durability of materials and craftsmanship

4: Multi-functionality so it offers more bang for your buck

5: Price that meets your needs


How much does a DSLR camera bag for women cost?

Affordably priced durable and quality camera bags for women cost between US$35 and US$150. Look for coupons at for offers.