We'll jump straight to the point. This is our list of 5 top-seller vegan leather purses and handbags for women in 2019. Read on...

Glam and Glory

It will be difficult not to fall in love with it. Wear your diva style and let the paparazzi follow.

Charismatic. Sophisticated. Fashionable. Durable. That is what this gorgeous top-handle handbag and purse for women stands for.

Learn more about this vegan leather midi steel top-handle handbag.


Modern-Day Vintage


A symbol of femininity, this classic handbag by Rofozzi is born out of a love affair between style and substance.

Chic. Roomy. Durable. Versatile. This beautiful accessory is a head-turner.

Check out this cruelty-free leather purse.


Lunch With The Babes

A happening bistro. Your lovely BFFs. Posing for that memorable wefie. And a suave fashion accessory to complete that beautiful ensemble.

With simplicity at the center of its design, this elegant midi satchel is for someone who needs only a handful to stay cheerful in every season.

Find out more about this doctor purse and handbag with a wide opening.


A Ravishing Companion


With this instant superstar by your side, you are sure to draw compliments left, right and center.

An easy hassle-free accessory that takes you from lunch to lounge and work to party.

Here's more about this unique shaped cute handbag for women.  


A Perfect Night Out


Going out on a dinner date and can't decide how to accessorize? All you really need is one cute little Rofozzi handbag and belief that you are a goddess!

An icon of all cute bags, this vintage-inspired, soft, structured, top-handle, cruelty-free vegan leather handbag will instantly put you in the limelight.

Read more about this mini top-handle structured crossbody bag.

If Hollywood is loving it, it's gotta be good! Have a look at the statement pieces the divas of the silver screen are favoring.


What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather aka faux leather is synthetic or manmade leather. It is NOT made from animal skin or fur.


What are the differences between real leather and vegan leather?

Real leather as the name suggests is made from layers of animal skin or fur. Vegan leather has the look, finish and appeal or real leather but is made from synthetic processes. The range of materials that go into the production of vegan leather are cork, barkcloth, glazed cotton, waxed cotton, paper and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU).


Is vegan leather durable?

Generally speaking, vegan leather is durable. However, as with real leather, vegan leather comes in a variety of durability grades. Depending upon production standards and cost, the durability of vegan leather can be adjusted. Several designer brands use vegan leather for making their products. Example: Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, etc.


Is vegan leather waterproof?

Yes, vegan leather is waterproof.


What are the qualities of vegan leather?

Strong, waterproof, durable, less wastage compared to real leather during production of goods, readily available, great range of variety.


What are the uses of vegan leather?

Vegan leather is used for making a variety of products. Some examples are purses and handbags, couches, car seats, etc.


What are some of the designer handbag brands that make vegan leather bags?

Almost all designer handbag brands have product lines that are entirely or partially made from vegan leather. Some examples are: Louis Vuitton Bags, Michael Kors Bags, Gucci Bags, Prada Bags, etc.


How to care for vegan leather bags and purses?

Vegan leather bags and purses require very minimal maintenance. Surface dirt and stains can be cleaned using a damp cloth.