23 Reasons Why Women Buy Designer Handbags (Are They Worth It?)

If you have ever indulged in shopping for designer handbags then you know it is an experience unto itself. From aesthetics to utility, and from being a status symbol to being an outlet for spending your wealth, there are reasons aplenty for why women buy designer bags. What’s your reason and is your handbag worth it?

4 Best Instagram Travel Accounts To Travel From Home #TFH

These days, the only place most of us are bound to is home. As we adjust to our new normal, travel plans have been put on hold. To feed your sense of wanderlust, though, here are some best travel instagram accounts and places. Some day soon, you will be there in person too. Until it's safe, enjoy it on your screen!

Top 7 red-eye traveler packing checklist

No one packs like Jack Reacher. We all know that. If you are normal, you carry more than 5 things even when making a trip to 7-Eleven. And, when red-eyeing from one town to the other? Well, you most certainly will need to take along more than just a toothbrush, ATM card, and passport.