Obsidians are volcanic stones formed from the rapid cooling of molten lava. Sometimes also referred to as volcanic glass or crystals, obsidians come in many different types and colors and are believed to have spiritual and healing properties.

Much regarded for its spiritual and psychic properties, the obsidian stone serves to provide inner strength by removing negativity from inside you and your environment. It is thought to clear energy blockages, and dispel feelings of unworthiness, fear, humiliation and hurtful memories. This leads to clarity of thoughts and stability of emotions which then assist one to use his/her own full potential to reach their personal goals.



Natural Volcanic Black Obsidian

The Natural Black Obsidian Stone is regarded as a powerful stone that cleanses and protects. It is thought to protect the gentle from abuse and cut attachment cords so as to release and liberate the wearer from detrimental bondage.

Considered to be a grounding stone, capable of healing emotional wounds, this effectual stone serves to free you from discord at home or office caused by stress in daily life, relations, finances, career and health. Its therapeutic energy clears the negative aura around you and guides you towards finding direction, meaning and purpose in life.



Feng Shui Yin Yang Obsidian Pendant and Beaded Necklace

Bagua or Pakua (Pa Kua) consists of 8 trigrams or symbols around a center circle (yin yang), each of them representing a specific aspect of life. A Feng Shui Yin Yang obsidian provides protection against physical harm, accidents and injury when worn on the body as an ornament.

A yin yang obsidian talisman can be placed in your car in the form of a tassel for protection on the road. When displayed in your living room or office space facing the entrance, it ushers in positive chi or powerful energy for a harmonious atmosphere in your home or work surroundings.



Wolf Obsidian Fox Obsidian Amulet

The wolf is a creature associated with loyalty and strength. The wolf obsidian provides one with positivity required to imbibe the virtues of faith, understanding and intellect.

This stone helps improve self-image, enhances self-esteem, helps overcome shyness and boosts confidence. The wolf obsidian comes in a variety of jewelry options, the most popular of which is the black wolf obsidian necklace pendant.

The fox obsidian is another symbolic obsidian which helps relieve one from negativity arising from suspicions of infidelity in life.



Buddha Obsidian Talisman

One of the most popular spiritual ornaments, the Buddha obsidian talisman attracts positive energy from the supreme being. The black Buddha obsidian emits positive waves into the environment by shielding against negativity.



Elephant Obsidian Amulet Beaded Necklace Pendant

Elephant is a symbol of good fortune and is also associated with strength, honor, stability and patience. The elephant obsidian is thought to be a powerful stone offering protection from negativity. It stands for safety and security, wards off demons and evokes the warrior spirit in you. The black obsidian elephant ushers in auspicious and positive elements into your environment when displayed inside the home.

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