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4 Best Instagram Travel Accounts To Travel From Home #TFH

These days, the only place most of us are bound to is, well, home. Being responsible citizens of not just our countries but of the world, we all have to do our part to flatten the curve and minimize the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. For most of us, those lucky enough to work from home and not have to risk our own health and the health of our families, that means social distancing and self-quarantine.

As we adjust to our new normal, travel plans have been put on pause but not our sense of wanderlust. While we may not be able to physically travel at the moment, we can certainly let our imaginations do all the traveling. Perhaps some of you may even want to start making a list of the places you’ll want to go to, things you’d like to see, adventures you’d like to take and photos you’d like to capture once we’ve overcome this global emergency.

Never have we been more excited to pack our travel bags, and of course, our camera bags to capture every moment of it. We’re sharing some of our favourite travel Instagram accounts to imagine where we’ll be off to as soon as we can.


1. @muradosmann

Best Instagram Travel Picture
Source: @muradosmann
, Instagram


Named as one of the top travel influencers, Russian Murad Osmann and his wife, Natalia Zakharova, became especially famous for their “Follow Me To” series of travel images. In these images, the couple shows their clasped hands, from Murad’s point of view, following his wife from one destination to the next.


These days, in keeping with the times, and sharing some much needed positive energy, the couple is continuing their Follow Me To series… around their house.


2. @condenasttraveller

Time travel with Instagram
Source: @condenasttraveller
, Instagram


Unsurprisingly, the publication delivers some of the best travel images. Their feed gives followers an insider’s look into some of the world’s best hidden and not-so hidden treasures.


Just recently, travel bugs like model Poppy Delevingne have begun posting scenic images from all over the world, tagging Conde Nast Traveler with the caption Love Letters To A #WonderfulWorld and encouraging others to do the same.


3. @hotelsandresorts

Best Travel Places on Instagram
Source: @hotelsandresorts, Instagram


Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is, you guessed it – a view from some of the best hotels and resorts around the world.


From hanging day beds in Indonesia to overhead pools in the Seychelles, and winter chalets in Japan, this account will make you daydream about where you’ll stay on your next adventure, which, fingers crossed, is hopefully not too far away.


4. @bestvacations

Pray for Italy
Source: @bestvacations, Instagram


While we’re currently limited to staycations at best, the Best Vacations Instagram account can take you on a trip around the world.


What’s great about the account is that it doesn’t only share scenic images from around the globe, but also shares some of that much needed positive energy by sharing inspirational images and endearing moments as well.


We all certainly have a new appreciation for the travel freedoms that we could so easily enjoy just a few weeks ago. As long as we come together (while staying apart, of course!), help each other and stay positive, hopefully soon, we’ll be able to take the travelgram photos and post them ourselves.

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