Exactly what I was looking for. A small satchel for the fall. It has plenty of room and lots of pockets, but not enough to be annoying. The packaging was super.

P. Vance

I was looking for a cute compact bag that's unique. I found this and loved the physicians bag frame. It's faux leather, but it could fool me, the quality is really nice, and sturdy!

Janet Cho

I am in love with this bag! I bought it because I am a nerd who likes to carry around comic books with me and I was looking for a bag that look like this with additional pockets so that I can use in the future to go to work and for comic cons. I can't wait to use it for what will hopefully be for years to come!

Red Brizuela

I've been looking for an organizer for my electronic cables for a while now and I've always wanted a roll-up type. When I saw this leather one, I just knew I had to get it. This thing is really well made and the leather looks and feels amazing. It's got enough straps and pockets for my purposes. I'm very happy with it.


It's a beautiful, well made purse, my only complaint is that I'd like it to be bigger. I bought it to take on a trip but can only carry a few things in it when my camera is in it. I wanted to take another lens and some other purse odds and ends but all the other things wouldn't fit and be able to close the purse.


I purchased this bag the other week. I like to spend a little bit more for higher quality bags since I use it everyday. Living in the city, I need an over the shoulder bag that will hold my computer, water, umbrella, wallet, taser and makeup while I bike, walk or take the subway into work.

Lindsay Grow

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